Hadrian’s Rage – Prologue


A Plague of Prejudice Threatens to Undermine Hadrian’s Society

Submitted to Professor Cora Politis

Sociology 100

By Tara Fowlers

What is the greatest evil that befalls Hadrian today? Some have suggested our inability to curtail wild climate change that has besieged out plant for nearly two hundred years. Many would suggest it is the constant threat of insurgents battering against our walls due to the outside world’s inability to curtail the plaque of human population. Underlying each of these theories is that which many of Hadrian’s citizens believe (perhaps even the majority): all the evils of this world, from those we suffer inside Hadrian to those suffered by the barbarian masses outside our walls, lands firmly on the shoulders of heterosexuals—the Strai—stabbers as we like to call those males and stabs, our preferred insult slung against the females. And yet, all of these theories would be wrong. The real ill that sickens Hadrian to its very core is prejudice, plain and simple. What form of prejudice, one might ask? It is the overwhelming hatred Hadrian holds against heterosexuals. Bigotry will be our country’s undoing. We must, as a Nation of enlightened people, find a way to reconcile and accept all forms of sexual expression. Without this basic understanding and acceptance of humanity Hadrian will never be able to develop and grow as healthy society for all its citizens.

Let us begin first with climate change. How is it that we have managed to create the misconception that it is the result of heterosexuality? Some say that over population lent itself to industrialization. As humanity’s numbers grew so to did the need to mine for the materials needed to create energy. Not only must we keep ourselves sheltered and warm, we need to eat. Thus began the excessive raping of the land for agriculture and stock. There is no doubt that as the human population grew man’s respect for nature diminished at an equal, if not exponential rate. But why must heterosexuals be blamed for all of this? Is it not wiser to consider man’s greed as the greater ill? The need for power, money, control; these were, still are, the greater motivator for man’s abuses of this earth. Yes, the human population must be restrained but history has proven with the use of proper birth control that a heterosexual family need not exceed that of the expected size dictated by Hadrian’s government.

Then there are the outsider barbarians trying to break through our front line of defense: Hadrian’s Wall. As much as Melissa Eagleton, propagandist extraordinaire for Hadrian’s Nation News (HNN), would like us to think, not all of these people are heterosexual. In fact I will go so far as to say they are no different than us. They, too, can be seen in light of the Kinsey scale. Kinsey was, after all a part of this outside society some two hundred years ago. According to Kinsey, over 10 percent (14 percent based on my calculations of his 7 point scale) of the human population across the globe is heterosexual. Another 10 to 14 percent or so are homosexual. For the purpose of this essay I leave out transgendered individuals accepting their unique status, assuming each to hold his or her own sexual orientation according to his or her true gender. Everyone else, therefore, is somewhere in between identifying at varying degrees of bisexuality. Now, Hadrian’s Scientist claim to have eradicated 14 percent of the human gene that is heterosexual but those citizens, like Todd Middleton, who only experience opposite sex attraction, know this propaganda to be sheer nonsense. Hadrian citizens have been fooled into believing any opposite sex attraction is merely a teenage phase or limited to bisexual tendencies that are to be repressed and ignored.1

Every Hadrian citizen knows full well what to think of heterosexuals. We hear the expression, ‘that’s so strai’, daily. A day doesn’t pass when someone doesn’t jokingly, or seriously, insult a friend by saying, ‘you’re acting strai’. If a man gets too friendly with a female friend, even just the simple act of falling against her by accident while laughing, he will be accused of being a ‘cunt-hammer’; an insult verging on bad porn! That is certainly not one of our kinder put-downs. A woman perceived to be straight is condemned as ‘a breeder. She is also called a ‘sagging hole’ or a ‘flapping vagina’. I don’t think there is another community of people in Hadrian that suffer as much extreme verbal abuse. As a youth attending elementary school at the Virginia Wolves children’s academy my peers ruthlessly pushed me into the coat stalls of my seventh grade classroom. Tauntingly I was asked if I was strai. Not having heard the word before and unsure of its meaning I declined to answer. When I enquired as to the meaning of this word, fearing somehow it wasn’t meant to be nice, my classmates insisted I answer the question first. “Just say yes,” they insisted. “Just say yes.” Finally I caved to their aggression and replied in the positive, which was to become one of the most negative of moments of my early life. I quickly learned what a strai was and from then on I was identified as such amongst my classmates. That they had cajoled this so called confession out of me made no difference at all in their minds. I had admitted to being a strai so it was now open season on little Tara Fowlers.

Proof actual was given the day our seventh grade art teacher told us we could draw any animal we wanted. Earlier that week my mothers had taken my and my little brother to Hadrian’s Zoo. I had watched with fascination as Lucy the elephant sucked water into her great trunk and then sprayed it all over her body. I had decided that day to draw Lucy just as I remembered her with water spraying all over her back. I began with the truck lifted high in the air with water spraying up. Before I was able to draw any more Colin McMasters saw my picture and starting screaming, “she’s drawing a dick, she’s drawing a hard dick, and it’s squirting.” He then began laughing while all the other children gathered round to peer down at my elephant’s trunk deemed penis. Mr. Walton soon arrived at the desk and shooed the other children back to their desks. He glanced at my drawing, took a voc shot and then grabbed my elbow and then led me into the principal’s office. My mother was contacted, the image of a “penis ejaculating” was immediately sent to her and home life proved unbearable thereafter. Not even my own mothers would believe I was drawing a picture of Lucy the elephant!

Verbal abuse soon escalates into physical abuse. We’ve all heard the horror stories of what happens at re-education camps. Frank Hunter’s trial for the death of his lover, Todd Middleton, revealed the extreme depths of this cruelty. The blood stained paddle wielded against this youth and numerous others hangs in the main hall of the ministry of Education as a stark reminder of our hatred of strais. I, too, suffered cruelly from the violent abuses of my peers: chases home, being bumped into, pushed aside as well as being laughed at. I watched boys believed to be straight picked on and attacked by gangs of boys and girls. It seems like there is nothing more disgusting in the minds of Hadrian’s citizens than the heterosexual male. This is truly unfortunate as I am lucky enough to have befriended a heterosexual man. He is loving, generous, kind, and defies all of the stereotypes we have placed on straight men like dirty, violent and sexually aggressive. My friend shows no signs of a sexual psychopath roaming the alleys of our good country to find women to rape or little girls to abuse. He is simply a hard working young man who wants to be accepted for who he is in this world. Instead we mock, berate and bullying men like him and women who are sexually attracted to men. I was sadden by the news the other day when, on HNN, Melissa Eagleton reported how a middle-aged man, a detritus fisherman, was beaten to death and then had his body set on fire after he admitted to having never been successfully reeducated. And, although there was no evidence of his being sexually active he was sought out and murdered.[1] Even though heterosexuality was decriminalized shortly after Gideon Weller’s trail the hatred of heterosexuals continues.

It is this extreme abuse that I see as Hadrian’s illness. Not only is 14 percent of our population condemned simply for being born—and no, being straight in not a choice—at least 72 percent of all of Hadrian is bi-sexual. These figures come from Kinsey’s 0 to 6 point scale[2], which has created the most demeaning of insults, ‘heterosexuals are ZEROES’. Parents are the worst for using this slur. I can’t tell you how many times I heard my parents and the parents of friends utter the phrase, ‘There are no Zeroes in my family.” I wonder if it has ever occurred to these people how many of their children, or their children’s friends, they are hurting with such a trite refusal of at least 14 population of our population. And what about those children who are a one or a two? They, no doubt, identify more with heterosexuals than they do with homosexuals. Should we not be cognizant of how we make our children feel whenever we unwittingly and blatantly abuse the heterosexual population?

It isn’t just those on the scale from 0 to 2 that I worry about. 3s, 4s and on rare occasion even 5s will experience opposite sex attraction. Each person who feels this sexual energy feels the stigma of hate our society has cast upon the damnable het’ros. As a Nation we place up to 86% of our population at risk of psychological stress due to this deeply imbedded hate. And, ironically, it is those who have experienced opposite sex attraction that are most likely to repress those feelings and convert them into hate. Thus Hadrian citizens lash out against one another in a desperate attempt to deflect any suggestion of his or her opposite sex attractions.

So how do we end the hate? By ending Hadrian’s official stand that heterosexuals are a danger to society. Closing reeducation camps that do more damage than good, and most importantly, no longer denying heterosexuals access to higher education. Parents need to accept their child regardless of who he or she loves and, most importantly bisexuals should not be forced to ‘pick a side’ but rather, be allowed to love whomever they fall in love with regardless of gender.

[1] http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/06/03/uk-russia-killing-gay-idUKBRE9520A120130603

[2] Kinsey, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male


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